Do you want to take lessons with me? You can!

In the past 18 years I’ve gained my experience by teaching young and old. Since 2000 I’ve been running my own teaching praxis. And from October this year I’ll be teaching at the ArtEZ Conservatory (Pop Academy and Jazz Department) in Enschede.

I have access to my own studio in Hengelo where I give private lessons mainly. When teaching I always keep the students individual development and growth as my main purpose.
Lessons are fully customized and both frequency and duration can be fully determined in consultation. Pricing is based on a fixed hourly rate or monthly rate. Possibilities are:

  • 30, 45 or 60 minutes weekly
  • 1 hour every 2 weeks
  • 1 hour every month

Lessons are contracted for a minimum period of 2 months (with the exception of students studying at or auditioning for a conservatory).
Anyone (from 8 years and up) of any playing level whatsoever is welcome as long as you have a huge commitment and motivation.

I’ve been coaching students who attend a professional music education for quite some time now. Are you a conservatory student or advanced player and feel stuck in a particular style, technique, study pattern, habit or just musically, I can be the fresh wind or that new approach that’ll put you ‘right on track’ again.

If you feel ambitious in joining a professional music education, I’m able to guide you intensively in the journey to your audition. I maintain close contact with several conservatories and am therefore aware of their entry requirements.
In both cases lessons again are fully customized and can be determined in consultation (e.g. weekly, every two weeks or monthly).

If you have any questions as a result of the above or want more detailed information, please fill out the contact formular.
I will reply as soon as possible.